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intergalactic artist, wild writer


Questions, complaints, suggestions, plans, whatever, just email me at hannahcelsius@pm.me

I'm no longer on Fb, Linkedin, Tw, Insta and all that. I've entered the Fediverse!
If you wanna connect: meet me in the sunny.garden

I hope many others will join me there, no more algorhytimmetics, no ads, no company using our data: so much better!

Radio Klotestad on mixcloud
My music driven radioplay Radio Klotestad can be found on Mixcloud.

This wonderful event is best listened/watched during the livestreams (once every 4 weeks, coming episode is on december 6th 2022), because during those livestreams visuals and animations are enlightening your listening experience. For me as a creator that is quite important. So if you want to support me, listen to the livestreams! Yeah!

The video snippetry is, for now, on Youtube and Vimeo (you can look that up yourself), but this could suddenly change. If so, you will read it here. The plan is to post more Radio Klotestad animation snippetry here, and/or on Peertube. Much fuzz, much work, but fun!

Selfportrait of the artist

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