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free drawing (gratis tekening)

NB: Best viewed with desktop pc, so that you can experience the irresistible pleasure of the large amount of drawings.

Gratistekening (Freedrawing) was a project i started december 2020, to give away something nice during this fucked up times. People could order 1 free drawing (A6 size) via the special website; if they wanted more they had to pay for it. During 2021/2022 there were also 2 offline Takeaway's, where drawings could be easily taken away - once a week new drawings arrived (Buurthuis De Meeuw, Sexyland.World). The project would end dec 2022, but i decided to put it here: you can still order.

At this time about 300 have moved to new owners. Still many left, and i wanted to make 1000 drawings, so there are still new ones to come.

Under the header 'drawings still available' you can choose 1 or more. The rules:
- First drawing is free (but you have to pay shipping: within the NL € 3 (2022; in 2023 it will be € 3,50; abroad it is different, you will have to check that before ordering)
- Every next drawing costs € 25 a piece, or more, if you want to pay more.
- You can order by just sending an email to hannahcelsius@pm.me : in your email you have to mention your name, address, number of the drawing, and how much you want to pay (or have only one for free)
- Please pay attention: you'll receive an email with pay request. Check yer spamboxie. And pay. Only after that the drawing will be sent over. And then: HURRAY!!!

Drawing still available:
Tip: hover your mouse over each drawing for the number/title. Sorry for not translating the Dutch titles, but it is just too much work. Also sorry for not putting any ALT description for the almost 1000 drawings.
The numbers are only for ordering; they're not on the actual drawings. Each drawing is signed etc. on the back.

Drawings NO LONGER available:




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