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Welcomme! Hoe werkt deze site and how does this work?

1. Er is geen specifieke volgorde. Navigeren doe je via 'index' in het menu hierboven, en/of de tags onderaan de items.
1. There is no specific order. You navigate via 'index' in the menu above, and/or the tags at the bottom of each item.

2. Engels and Nederlands zijn door elkaar gebruikt, alleen bij de index zijn de talen gescheiden op aparte pagina's.
2. Dutch en English are used interchangeably, only in the index they are on separate pages.

3. More en meer info on the 'about' page.

4. Tip: gebruik Ctrl met +/- toetsen om de tekst te vergroten/verkleinen, Ctrl met 0 is terug naar de begin status.
4. Tip: use Ctrl and +/- keys to increase/decrease text size; Ctrl and 0 is back to start size.

Even Geduld AUB
[nl]  Groot Onderhoud aan de site de komende week: ik ga de meeste indexen samenvoegen, en dat is nogal een gedoe. Maar beter nu dan over een half jaar, dan wordt het pas echt veel werk. Daarom kan ik even (?) niets nieuws plaatsen, anders raak ik helemaal confuus over wat ik wel/niet omgezet heb.

[en]  Major maintenance on the site this week: I'm going to merge most of the indexes, and that's quite a hassle. But better now than six months from now, then it will really be a lot of work. That's why I can't post anything new for a while (?), otherwise i will get totally confused about what I have/have not converted.

  Upcoming and current events  
★ Tekenkabinet XI; march 18 - april 30 @ Projectruimte BMB, Amsterdam.
★ Radio Klotestad DJVJ set for a TBA event; march 31.
★ Gratis Tekening– projectpagina::: er kan nog besteld worden!

New added / toegevoegde items
mar 10: [nl]  Verhaal: Procestechniek van de Droomfabriek: De omhelzing
mar 10: [en]  Story: Process technology at the Dream Factory: The embrace
mar 11: [nl / en]  Added the new page 'About2: Thoughts, statements, theories about the Radio Klotestad Project' and posted a first little item on it. In zowel Nederlands als English.
mar 12: [nl / en]  Moved my cv from the other side to here (but kept the colors and the red button! now thinking about adding the red button everywhere... or will that be too much?)
mar 12: [nl / en]  Starting to add 'Discover!' tags, bright yellow tags that link directly to a related item. They will pop up here and there, for instance in my cv: when some exhibition is mentioned, then the Discover!-tag might take you to a review, or an overview with the works that were displayed, or perhaps a story about an awkward situation with the gallery owner? They are an extra service, so i still encourage you to use the indexes to find your way around, through the index-page or at the bottom of each page in the catameta data section.
mar 13: [en]  Art: added the english translation: Am i in the picture? The self-portrait.
mar 13: [en]  Started to combine some of the en/nl indexes, first one is Personages/Characters, it's easier to see if and who is translated or not or whatever.

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